Jeffery L. Briggs, Composer                    Curriculum Vita/Resume


Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition and Theory, University of Illinois, 1984

Composition Teachers: Ben Johnson, John Melby, Paul Zonn, and David Liptak

Doctoral Composition: Firaxis, for Orchestra

Doctoral Dissertation: Recent Music of Joseph Schwantner: Unique and Essential Aspects


Master of Music in Composition and Theory, Memphis University, 1980

Composition Teacher:  Donald Freund


Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory, Eastman School of Music, 1979

Composition Teachers:  Joseph Schwantner, Samuel Adler, and Warren Benson



Composer / Sound Designer / Arranger,  (1979-present)

  • Studio Composer – works for string quartet, orchestra, and other ensembles
  • Composed electronic sound scores for 50+ computer games, reaching 18 million+ consumers
  • Scored music for video, film, slide shows, and live performers, reaching art audiences
  • Orchestrated, collaborated, and produced digital performances for dancers, visual artists, and sculptors



Guest Presenter, Brandeis University, Towson University, UMBC, E3, CES, (2000-2006)

  • On the art, creativity, and experience of interactive entertainment

Instructor, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Department of Liberal Arts, (1991-98)

  • Course: Music in the 20th Century

Studio Teacher, Illinois, NYC, Baltimore, (1980-1996)    

  • Private Instruction in Composition, arranging, piano

Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, Department of Music, (1980-84)

  • Courses Taught: Music Theory I and II, 20th Century Musical Theory
  • Finalist, Award to graduate assistant for excellence in undergraduate teaching     



Founder, President, and CEO, (1996-06)

Firaxis Games, Baltimore                                                                  

  • Established and led world-class multi-media development studio
  • Released 12 products
  • Reached 15+ million consumers
  • Received over 100 awards, domestic and international
  • Ernst and Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year
  • CEO of the Year, SmartCEO Magazine
  • Leveraged sale of Firaxis Games to Take Two Interactive


Director, Exec Producer, Producer, Designer, Composer, Writer, Editor, (1985-96)

MicroProse Entertainment Software, Baltimore                            

  • Led global developer/publisher as designer/producer/composer
  • Awarded US Patent for 3DO program that composed in style of JS Bach    
  • West End Games, NYC                                 
  • Spearheaded research and development for leading historical simulation company



Orchestral Music

  • Two Poems of Hyam Plutzik (with orator), 2011
  • Celebration for Orchestra, 2008
  • Fanfare for Civilization (for Aaron), 2006
  • Comets, 1980
  • Moria, 1979

Chamber Music

  • The (New) Beethoven String Quartets (from the Piano Sonatas), 2016
  • Adjectives (arranged for String Quartet), 2016
  • Luck of the Draught – Duo for Violin and Cello, 2014
  • 4th String Quartet – for The Amernet,  2013
  • 3rd String Quartet, 2011
  • Solitude: Two pieces for String Quartet, 2006
  • Stars and Trees for tape, 2005
  • Liner, 2004
  • Random Moments, 1995
  • Dance Triptych: Ecliptic, Silk, Celebration, 1988
  • Firaxis, for mixed ensemble and percussion, 1984
  • Topaz, for synthesized tape, 1979
  • Adjectives: 13 little words for wind quartet, 1979
  • Block Concrete (percussion ensemble), 1978
  • Natural Well, for clarinet, 1978
  • Neversink, for flute, 1977
  • Clarinet Duo, five movements for two clarinets, 1976
  • A Song of Songs, for soprano, harp, celesta, and string quartet, 1976
  • 2nd String Quartet, 1976
  • Music for Columns and Strings, 1975
  • 1st String Quartet, 1975
  • Events for Strings and Winds, 1974
  • Music for String and Winds, 1974
  • Music for Winds and Percussion, 1973
  • Patterns for Brass Sextet, 1973
  • Woodwind Quintet, 1972

Piano Music

  • Aurora, for two pianos, 1984
  • Chimera, three pieces for piano, 1982
  • Three Little Pieces, for piano, 1973


  • Tickletoby and Friends, Three Children’s Poems by Hyam Plutzik, 1986
  • A Song of Songs, for Soprano and piano, Text by Solomon, 1980
  • The White Rose, for soprano and piano, Text by John Boyle O’Reilly, 1978

Electronic Music for Film and Video

  • Beyond Glory, a documentary with Ramsey Clark et al, 1993
  • Descending – an animated short with Jackie Ross, 1994

Electronic Music for Computer Games

  • Civilization IV: Warlords, 2006
  • Civilization IV, 2005
  • Pirates! Xbox,  2005
  • Pirates!, 2004
  • Civilization III Complete, 2003
  • Civilization III: Conquests, 2003
  • Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack, 2000
  • Alien Crossfire, 1999
  • Alpha Centauri, 1999
  • Antietam!, 1998
  • Magic: The Gathering, 1997
  • Gettysburg!,  1997
  • Civilization II, 1996
  • CivNet, 1995
  • Colonization, 1994
  • F-15 Strike Eagle III, 1993
  • Return of the Phantom, 1993
  • Pirates! Gold, 1993
  • The Ancient Art of War in the Skies, 1992
  • Darklands, 1992
  • Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender, 1992
  • Gunship 2000, 1991
  • Hyperspeed, 1991
  • Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0, 1991
  • Sid Meier's Civilization, 1991
  • Knights of the Sky, 1990
  • Lightspeed, 1990
  • Railroad Tycoon, 1990
  • Covert Action, 1990
  • Silent Service II, 1990
  • M1 Tank Platoon, 1989
  • Sword of the Samurai, 1989



Acoustic Music

  • 1st String quartet    07-1974 Sewanee Summer Music Festival
  • Music for Strings and Winds    12-1975 Student Ensemble, Eastman School of Music
  • 2nd String quartet    10-1975 Student Ensemble, Eastman School of Music
  • Music for Columns and Strings    04-1976 New Music Ensemble, Eastman School 
  • Clarinet Duo    10-1976 Student Recital, Eastman School of Music
  • Neversink    10-1977 Student Recital, Eastman School of Music
  • The White Rose    04-1978 Student Recital, Eastman School of Music
  • Natural Well    10-1978 Student Recital, Eastman School of Music
  • Clarinet Duo    02-1979 CIM Symposium, Cleveland Institute of Music
  • Block Concrete    04-1979 Percussion ensemble, Eastman School of Music
  • Moria    10-1979 Memphis University Orchestra
  • Adjectives    11-1979 Faculty winds, University of Memphis
  • Adjectives    01-1980 Memphis Public Library, New Music Series
  • Adjectives    02-1980 ASUC National Conference, University of Memphis
  • Adjectives    11-1981 Faculty Wind Quartet, Krannert Center for the Arts, Illinois
  • Aurora    02-1982 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Illinois
  • Aurora    04-1982 Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University
  • Neversink    10-1982 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Illinois
  • Chimera    05-1983 Warrensburg Artist in Residence Recital, Illinois
  • Aurora    05-1983 Michiana New Music Ensemble, Saint Mary’s College
  • Comets    12-1982 Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University
  • Chimera    11-1983 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Illinois
  • Adjectives    11-1983 ASUC regional Conference, Iowa State University 
  • Firaxis    03-1984 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Illinois
  • Comets    05-1985 Little Orchestra, Avery-Fisher Hall @ Lincoln Center, NYC
  • Chimera    02-1984 New Music Festival XI, University of Memphis
  • Ecliptic/Celebration    06-1986 Centre Pompidou, Paris, France 
  • Dance Triptych    11-1986 American Music and Dance, Columbia University
  • Two Love Songs    03-1987 Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, NYC
  • Tickletoby and Friends    05-1987 Welles Brown Room, University of Rochester, NY
  • Dance Triptych    07-1987 Lumin Winter Gallery, New Rochelle Public Library
  • Dance Triptych    02-1988 House on Fire, Ethnic Folk Arts Center, NYC
  • Celebration    05-2009 Westfield Symphony, David Wroe, Conduction, New Jersey
  • Ecliptic for Marimba    03-2010 Vortex Percussion Ensemble, Vanderbilt University
  • Ecliptic for Marimba    03-2011 Vortex Percussion Ensemble, Vanderbilt University
  • Luck of the Draught    06-2014 Jason Calloway, Cello and Mari-Liis Pakk, Violin -  Estonia
  • 3rd String Quartet    02-2015The Amernet Quartet, Miami Beach Urban Studios @ FIU
  • Luck of the Draught    04-2015 Jason Calloway, Cello and Mari-Liis Pakk, Violin @ FIU
  • 4th String Quartet    04-2015 The Amernet Quartet, Carl Fisher Club House, SOBE Arts
  • 4th String Quartet    04-2014 The Amernet Quartet, The Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach
  • 4th String Quartet    08-2014 The Amernet Quartet, BargeMusic, NYC
  • (New) Beethoven     03-2015 The Amernet Quartet, The Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Adjectives for Strings    03-2016 The Amernet Quartet, Miami New Music Festival @ FIU
  • 2 Poems of Hyam Plutzik    07-2016 Miami Music Festival, New World Symphony Center
  • (New) Beethoven    08-2016 The Amernet Quaret, Martha's Vineyard Chamber Music 
  • (New) Beethoven     11-2016 The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 1 of 10
  • (New) Beethoven           02-2017 The Amernet Quartet, Chamber Music Society of Fort Worth
  • (New) Beethoven          02-2017 The Amernet Quartet, The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 2
  • (New) Beethoven          03-2017 The Amernet Quartet, Miami Beach Community Church, Concert 3 
  • JLBriggs’ New Music    07/2017 Various performers, Venues TBD, in Miami and Baltimore
  • (New) Beethoven          10-2017 The Amernet Quartet, The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 4 
  • (New) Beethoven          11-2017 The Amernet Quartet, Miami Beach Community Church, Concert 5 
  • (New) Beethoven          02-2018 The Amernet Quatet, The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 6 
  • (New) Beethoven          03-2018 The Amernet Quartet, Miami Beach Community Church, Concert 7 
  • (New) Beethoven          10-2018 The Amernet Quartet, The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 8
  • (New) Beethoven          11-2018 The Amernet Quartet, Miami Beach Community Church, Concert 9 
  • (New) Beethoven Finale  01-2019 The Amernet Quartet, The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel, Concert 10


Game Music Many millions of listeners have been reached with 30+ hours of music. Film Music documentary, infomercials, video shorts, animated short.  Screenings: Maryland Institute, CalArts, among many others.




  • International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition, 2011
  • National Academy of Music for Celebration and 3rd String Quartet 
  • Finalist for International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition, 2011
  • for Ecliptic -3 pieces for Marimba Quartet and Two Poems of Hyam Plutzik 
  • Civilization IV Soundtrack, Limited Edition Release (50,000 sold), 2005
  • Best Music, GameSpy Honorable Mention (CIV IV), 2005
  • MacDowell Colony Fellowship, 1986
  • Meet the Composer Grant, 1987
  • ASCAP Award for Young Composers, 1984
  • Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, U of Illinois, 1984
  • ASCAP Foundation Grant, 1984
  • Artist Grant, Illinois Arts Council, 1984
  • Composition Scholarship, University of Illinois, 1980-84
  • Haimsohm Prize for Composition, Memphis State University, 1980
  • Sernoffsky Prize in Composition, Eastman School of Music, 1977
  • Representative of Eastman School at CIM Symposium, 1977
  • Composition Scholarship, Eastman school of Music, 1975


  • Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship, Brandeis University, 2006
  • Future 50 Award, SmartCEO Magazine, 2005
  • Ernst and Young, Mid-Atlantic Software Technology Entrepreneur, 2005
  • CEO of the Year, SmartCEO Magazine, 2004

Software Design/Development (selected)

  • Civilization IV; PC Game of the Year, Scripps Howard News Service     2005
  • Pirates! (Xbox), Best Adventure Game of E3, IGN             2005
  • Pirates! PC, Historical Game of the Year, Compute Magazine    2004
  • SimGolf, Editor’s Choice, Computer Gaming World         2002
  • Civilization III, Critic’s Pick, Time Magazine             2001
  • Civilization III, Strategy Game of the Year            2001
  • Alpha Centauri, Game of the Year, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences     1999
  • Antietam!, War Game of the Year, Computer Gaming World        1999
  • Gettysburg!, War Game of the Year, Strategy Plus Magazine     1999
  • Civilization II, Best Game, British Interactive Media Association     1996



System for real-time music composition and synthesis        US Patent 5496962     (Jeff Briggs/Sid Meier)

A system for automatically generating compositions on demand without duplication that can produce compositions upon demand in a variety of genres and forms so that concerts based on generated compositions will have a varied mix of pieces incorporated therein. The system incorporates a "weighted exhaustive search" process that is used to analyze the various aspects in developing the composition, from small-scale, note-to-note melodic construction to large-scale harmonic motions. The process maintains a balance between melodic, harmonic and contrapuntal elements in developing the composition. In general, the "weighted exhaustive search" process involves generating a plurality of solutions for producing each element of the composition. 



  • The History of Games, and the emergence of Civilization, presented at Brandeis University (2006)
  • Sourcebooks, for historical documentation and content reference, published under the auspices of West End Games, (1985-88)
  • Festival of Music Activities Handbook, Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (1985)
  • A Short Survey of Music, Commissioned and published by Project HEART, Decatur, Illinois (1984)


Selected Press

"Brigg’s three-movement piece (4th Quartet) is attractive and subtly ambitious. It opened with set of hushed, rocking sonorities, swaying in counterpoint to the barge itself in the East River currents. There is a short violin line that reaches gracefully for the sky. The composing has the intriguing quality of being built out of tiny units that are parts of different eras in the string quartet literature, like two-beat classical rhythms, and groups of four sixteenth notes. The music doesn’t develop so much as explore its own antecedents. The short second movement is a Stephen Foster-esque country blues, the finale an intricate machine of offset, rhythmic, interlocking parts. The medium tempo was ideal, making it easy to hear how each bit of the machine worked together to build a substantial, weighty whole…" -

 “In Aurora for Piano, for four hands, Jeff Briggs… has written a nicely paced minimalistic miniature...” - South Bend Tribune

“ I must bow to the Civilization IV sound track. It is literally a piece of art..”  - SoftPedia

"... (Civ IV’s) … original score packs an emotional wallop …." - LA Times

"I can't say enough about the excellent soundtrack..." - Associated Press

"From the early bleeps and bloops of Pong … to the sophisticated compositions found in … Civilization IV … the performers synchronized their music to projected video images." - Washington Post

"...the music really steals the show." - IGN

"Musically Civ IV stands out, with original pieces … rubbing shoulders with Bach, Mozart and Beethoven." -

"...the soundtrack in Civilization IV is one of the most soothing, fulfilling and fitting I have heard in a video game yet." - ActionTrip

"Special mention must be made about the first thing you encounter in Civilization IV, its wonderful music. Right from the moment the menu screen loads up the player is treated to an array of evocative and wonderfully arranged melodies." – Ferrago (Italy)

“(CPU BACH)… is one of the most sophisticated pieces of pure artificial intelligence ever created, both technically and conceptually. What CPU Bach does is to compose pieces of Bach-style music, based on the parameters that you set. The music can be as detailed as the Brandenburg Concertos, or simple, clean, and sparse, depending on how many virtual instruments you choose to use. It's almost like having the ghost of Bach sitting in your living room, furtively cranking out all of the music he was unable to finish in his lifetime.” - CIV FANATICS

“And Colonization music… I can listen to it without the game.”  -

“Dr. Jeffery Briggs, MicroProse's "composer in residence," is the brain behind the music.” -