“This is music most of us have listened to, or are familiar with, but have never actually heard before; that's its charm. If you've never heard the Piano Sonatas, you'll be in for a unique cultural experience as you hear how Beethoven builds inevitability into his melody and harmony."      

Jeffery Briggs - Composer/Arranger


“The Appassionata transcription ... is part of a monumental project by Briggs titled “The (New) Beethoven Quartets” which will eventually include quartet transcriptions of all 32 of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas. The Amernet Quartet is in the process of performing all the transcriptions in concerts at various sites, and will complete its part of the project, which began in March, 2015 ... in December, 2019.”

Theater Jones – North Texas Performing Arts News - February 2017